10 reasons why you should buy Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash

Ten reasons why you should buy Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash:

All photography enthusiasts usually invest lots of money on their camera bodies and lenses but they hardly think to purchase one very important piece of equipment that is external flash. If I am into indoor photography let it be portrait, product or interior photography and want my pictures to look good and professional then flash is a must because of the advantages it offers. Some may think, why need an external flash when we have ample available light? To answer that, the available light is not controllable but the external flash light is. There is a reason why all those wedding photographers always has an external flash attached to their camera bodies even in the broad day light.

You are looking at this article because you might have decided to purchase an external flash but not sure which one to buy? Whether to spend hundreds of dollars on Canon 600EX-RT flash? Or spend tens of dollars on other brand flashes like Vivitar, Yongnuo, Bower, Neewer etc. There are lots of flashes out there that will work with your camera body. The question is why you should spend much more to get this Canon external flash instead of third party flashes? Below mentioned are 10 top most important reasons you should consider to buy Canon 600EX-RT instead of other flashes.

    1. It will work on auto mode with auto camera setting. Just set your camera and flash to auto setting and you are good to take pictures.
      • Other brand flashes do not work automatically on Canon camera body. You have to manually set flash power every time you take a shot. Its time consuming and by just looking at the picture on LCD, you are always not sure if the image was properly exposed.
    2. It will work on auto mode with manual AV, TV, camera settings.
      • Unlike other non-branded flashes, you can manually set your camera e.g. ISO, F-stops or shutter speed with flash on auto mode. Flash will automatically calculate the amount of light require to take a properly exposed picture. In short your flash works as a light corrector to automatically adjust the light according to the camera setting. You want to use this feature especially when you want to use lower ISO or shallow depth of field.
    3. Bounce your flash from anywhere. Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash has a full swivel, 180 degrees head that can be twisted or turned in either direction so you can bounce it from any suitable object, like walls, ceilings etc.
      • Other brand flashes can be bounced from the roof or backward but they cannot be bounced from the right, left, top right or top left etc which is a much needed feature because it’s easier to move the flash head instead of the subject every time you want to take picture.
    4. Canon Speedlite will automatically adjust itself when you turn its head to any direction.
      • Your flash will be on auto mode, you just need to move its head to any direction and it will automatically adjust the light output. You literally don’t need to do anything else, just decide from where you need to bounce your flash. The other brand flash does not offer any auto light adjustment. You will have to adjust the setting every time you turn the flash head in any direction.
    5. Canon 600EX-RT would let you focus a subject even in pitch-dark which even your camera alone can’t do.
      • If you want to focus your subject on very dark situations Canon speedlight will throw an AF Assist Beam onto the subject and camera would be able to focus it correctly before taking a shot. AF Assist Beam light is red beam that comes out from the front panel of the Canon external flash that helps camera to identify correctly which object to focus.
    6. If you are not satisfied with the amount of flash light you can add or subtract one stop of light with auto flash.
      • Sometimes we want some extra light in our photo. Canon Speedlight has a solution for this as well. Add an extra stop of light e.g. 1/16, 1/8 etc, flash will add it on top of the auto calculated and adjusted and your picture will look super bright. On the other hand sometimes you feel the flash light is producing too much light, in that case you can easily minus one stop of light from the auto decided flash setting ETTL -1/16, -1/8 etc.
    7. Built in radio triggers that will flash it wirelessly if you want to use it as an extra off-camera light.
      • It means that you don’t need to mount the flash on top of camera, hold it in hand and trigger it via camera body. It’s a good news for the wedding photographers as 600EX-RT is the first camera-maker flash with a built-in 2.4 GHz radio trigger system so you don’t need to carry extra equipment in form of radio triggers and slaves. To be noted the 600EX (Non-RT) flash doesn’t have the built in wireless radio triggering feature.
    8. Super awesome battery life that will save you from lots of trouble changing or charging.
      • Battery life is far superior to the battery life of third party flashes. It depends upon the circumstances and how much power you have used however I have ran a small test and with the same pair of batteries my Vivitar 285HV did around 50 shots while my Canon always do 200+ shots. I have used all type of batteries with my Speedlight and it works great.
    9. Built in bounce card that is very useful when you want to bounce the flash from the ceiling. The bounce card will give some extra light on the face and eyes apart from the light already bounced back on the subject.
      • Built in diffuser that is very useful if you want a picture to be taken with a wide angle lens.
    10. The diffuser will widen the light thus covering more area to suit the wide angel lens. The flip-down built-in flash diffuser can be used with ultra-wide angle lenses down to 14mm.


advantages of Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite

Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite Flash purchase and details

Please find few samples below. In the picture of the cake, I have used external flash to bounce light from left wall, you can see how left part of photo is brighter than the right side. The picture of kid was taken by bouncing the flash from back wall with 2 extra stops added for brighter look.

Sample image for external flash usage

Sample image for external flash usage

Sample pics taken from external flash

Sample pics taken from external flash

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