6 Simple tips to take batter photos as a beginner

Photography tips are easily accessible through internet on different websites. The more we read the more we learn about photography. Please find below some of the simple photography tips for beginners who has just started taking pictures.

1) Watch the Light: Try to explore from where the is light coming from, Avoid extreme sunshine as the best time to take outdoor pictures is when atmosphere is cloudy or there is soft light outside. Try to expose the subject on available light and take few shots to explore that where the subject is most visible in form of colors & brightness. The light can be artificial, candle light or natural light.

2) Using Background: Taking a Picture with an LCD is now so easy as in digital cameras we can view the result photo on the LCD screen. It can be edited later on but we need to try to take it with better possible background. Simple background can be used if there is a subject you are focusing on e.g. living being and in taking a landscape Try to take care of the natural scenery without any electricity wires or things that makes the picture look bad.

3) Creative sights: It is not necessary for the beautiful sceneries come to you but its important how you see them. Take your camera with you and try to explore the surrounding by taking pictures. These pictures can be of a tree, a path, a road, sky or anywhere. The results will guide you automatically how these pictures can better be taken. Try some vertical pictures instead of horizontal one specially when there is lot of details available around.

4) Look for Shadows/Reflections: Shadows and reflections can sometimes transform an ordinary object in some piece of art or abstract. Try to notice notice them along with the subjects.

5) Make good use of Flash: Flash can be little tricky as sometimes we are in need to flash but we do not use it and it creates bad and blurry pictures. e.g. If we are not aware of the flash range of our camera and we take picture from a distance then it will make picture darker. We need to check the manual of our camera to check the range of flash our camera has. Sometimes even in daytime we need to use flash as the natural light does not bright the subjects so keep the flash on.

6) Try something creative: we can bring life to the subject if we off-center it. If the subject is off center it will look different and will create a sight. Same with the picture of people. Try to arrange them in a creative manner instead of making them stand in a line to take a picture. Take some pictures very closely e.g. flowers, insects and the things that remain unnoticed normally.