60″ westcott umbrella pros cons – one best modifier

If you are beginner or semi-professional photographer who wants to jump into the professional world. You have a camera and external flash and want to use it as your off camera light source. To use your flash you will need a modifier like soft box, umbrella etc to get satisfactory soft light results. Whenever you will search online you will find lots of fancy modifiers that are very expensive and normally not in range of those who has just started photography.

Every photographer waste money on photography stuff that later on he realize is of no use. I have also spent money on some junk items. I know better results comes from better lights and modifiers however if I would be asked to provide one best modifier that a photographer can have even as only one modifier then I will recommend the Westcott 60” Umbrella that is shoot through as well as translucent. You will get it for not more than $40 and will get two in one advantage. 60” is a very nice size and you can easily take great portraits, food or products shots and if require you can easily remove the black satin umbrella cover to use it as a translucent umbrella. It is just amazing to be used as the only modifier I have and its great feature to choose as either reflective or shoot-through.

This umbrella is good for shooting 2 to 3 people standing due to its size and It takes care of my all photography needs that I have and it fills any space with the most beautiful soft light. Also works well at casting a smaller field of light when collapsed down a little bit.

Pros & cons of Westcott 60" Umbrella with white satin removable black cover:

Advantages of Westcott 60" Umbrella

  1. Very inexpensive yet produce great soft natural light results
  2. Removable black back that convert it from a shoot through umbrella to translucent umbrella
  3. This do it all modifier is very easy to setup
  4. Produce very nice portrait shots and I have used it for product photography as well.
  5. If you are traveling and can’t carry lots of modifiers it will serve the purpose as its very easy to transport
  6. You can use it as the only one light modifier in your lightening kit.

Disadvantages of Westcott 60" convertible Umbrella

  1. Bit heavy for the thin stick / pole / rod it has that will not last for long time
  2. You need to be careful while using it outdoors as due to large size wind can knock it off easily and it will break.

Westcott 60" inch convertible shoot through and translucent umbrella with removable black satin cover