Applying for J-2 visa work permit (EAD) and SSN

J-2 visa is the dependant visa of J-1. J-1 Visa holder can’t work however there is an opportunity for the spouse or children of J1 visa holders to work on certain conditions
Where to Apply: US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Work Permit official name:Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Conditions for J2 work permit: J2 Income from employment may be used for recreational and cultural activities and related travel, among other things however J2 will not be allowed to use this income to support the J-1 principal alien.

Required Documents for Applications:

  • A letter to USCIS, explaining the reason for requesting employment authorization
  • Completed Form I-765
    (click here for instructions on how to fill it)
  • All copies of DS-2019 forms and I-94 cards for both J-1 and J-2 visa holders
  • A copy of your J-2 visa stamp in the passport, and the passport page with your photo and information
  • A personal check or money order for $340 (subject to change) payable to "USCIS"
  • Two passport type color photographs, You should print your name lightly in pencil on the back of the two photographs
  • If you have applied for an EAD before, a photocopy of your Employment Authorization Document

Where to send the Documents:

Please click here for details on which office you need to send the documents

How long does it take: After mailing in the documents, you will receive a notice (Form I-797) stating you need to wait for about 80 days to receive your EAD. This is your receipt, so take care not to lose it.
A Sample Application for J-2 work Authorization document:

USCIS Service Center

75 Lower Weldon St.

St. Albans, VT OSY79-001

Dear USCIS Officer:

I would like to apply for the employment authorization on the basis of my J-2
status. I am wife of Mr. xyz, J-1 Student at xyz University in xyz Department.

I am in USA since 5 months and I am fully settled now so I want to enrich my
experience by picking up any similar job to my experience that will surely
expose me to the American culture/ way of life/system. A job would provide a
fair opportunity to learn more about the diversity of life & an opportunity to
visit places in USA that are worth seeing.

My earnings will not support my husband as he is fully funded by xyz or have
funds through xyz sources that is sufficient for all the expenses.

Please grant me
the permission to be employed. Enclosed are all required documents for my

Thank you very
much for your assistance.


J-2 Applicant name

When to apply for SSN: After you get your EAD then on the basis of this you can apply for the SSN (Social security number)

How to aaply for SSN: You need to contact the office of international students in your college or university. They will call you on a particular date when the government official will visit the university. you will have you EAD, Passport and Visa ready for inspection. You will be asked to fill some form and wait till you get your turn to meet the Govt. official. He / She will ask some
questions and will tell you that your application is approved and will provide you a receiving of the documents as well.

For reference visit Virginia Tech internation center website for details or VT students