Applying for UK Visa in USA

If I am a USA resident and want to apply for any xyz UK Visa then i need to follow the below mentioned Steps. Me & My Spouse has applied for a Visit visa of UK for 6 months for visiting our sister. (We have selected the Tourism option for desired documents)

1. First We need to Apply online on Official UK Embassy website in US

2. After filling online form and paying the Visa fees (separate fees for husband and wife) we have got option for an appointment for biometric test. There are numerous offices in USA that performs biometric test however at the end of application it provided us the nearest offices we can visit and leaves the option on us which office we select. (details on website

3. After selecting the place where we will perform biometric test the website gave us the option to select the date from the calender and also informed us about the available time slots. We selected the date and time of our own choice.

4. We need to bring our appointment letter printout on USCIS Application support center. (Bring the payment receipt as well however they did not checked it for us)

5. The staff at USCIS office handled us politely and they took all of our 10 finger prints + photograph and Thats it. They had already stamped the appointment letter on reception and has not provided any other document.

6. Next step would be to provide all important documents mentioned on the website We have applied for UK visit Visa and forwarded all possible documents we could send that included the Below mentioned documents Including a cover letter mentioning that why and when we are intended to visit UK.

  1. Online filled applications (With Attached Photograph)
  2. Passport
  3. Valid DS 2019 (Formerly IAP66)
  4. Confirmed Flight Reservation (We Booked the flights & sent our itineraries)
  5. University Student confirmation letter (Here if you are doing Job then Job letter)
  6. Recent bank statement (Our statement + Our sister’s bank statement)
  7. Sponsor letter from our sister
  8. Receipt of biometric enrollment
  9. Payment confirmation receipt

7. We have sent the online application along with all documents to the office that fall in our region (New york office) as mentioned on website, we have checked through courier Tracking whether our documents has safely reached or not.

8. When the documents reached UK Embassy they sent us an E-mail mentioning that they have received our application and that the will require 5 business days to process Visa. If our documents are complete and there is no ambiguity in our case then they will process Visa in desired time. (In Our case Visa was issued in mentioned time. Documents were reached UK embassy on Monday Morning, they have started processing it and mailed us on Tuesday and on Thursday they have informed us through email that our Visa is processed and we will receive our documents after 1 business day)

9. We have received our documents within a Week. All we need to have is the genuine & complete documents, try to send as many supporting documents as you can as there is no way to contact the UK embassy for confirmation of processed application before 5 business days has passed.

10. After your application reached the UK embassy do not Try to contact them on any number before the processing date is over as normally they process the visa on time and even if you will contact them, they will ask you to wait and will not provide any date when your visa will be stamped. They also heavily charge their helplines. If there will be any ambiguity or missing document they will mail you within that time however the whole visa process will be delayed.

IF you are reading this and intended to apply for UK visa then