Photographer Beginners Guide

Photographer Beginners Guide

For Beginners photographer who want to start with the DSLR (Digital single reflex cameras)

  1. Difference Between Point & Shoot & Digital SLR
  2. Best Digital SLR camera for beginner
  3. Wide Angle Lenses (Zoom)

Basics for all photographers to know for becoming a photographer in an effective manner

  1. 7 Things we Need to consider before purchasing a Digital Camera
  2. 6 Simple tips to take batter photos as a beginner
  3. Mega Pixels
  4. Effective Pixels
  5. Image Stabilization
  6. Sensors & Sensor Sizes
  7. Face Detection
  8. Memory Cards
  9. Focal Length
  10. Shutter Speed
  11. Exposure
  12. Maximum Aperture
  13. Batteries
  14. How Much memory do I need for my Digital Camera
  15. Different Type of LCD
  16. AA or Lithium-ion Batteries
  17. Digital VS Optical Zoom
  18. Complete one light setup Equipment list

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