Best Comparison & Difference – Nokia 5800 cell phone vs Apple Iphone 3G

Nokia 5800 Advantages Over Apple Iphone 3G:

  1. Nokia 5800 has a 3.15 MP Megapixel camera with flash and Iphone has only 2.0 Megapixels with no flash
  2. Nokia 5800 is not locked on to a monthly $30 data plan like the iphone that is only restricted with AT&T with package.
  3. No MMS option on iphone while nokia 5800 can send image or videos MMS
  4. Nokia Iphone cannot take videos can you imagine? With Nokia 5800 you can take excellent quality videos.
  5. No radio in Iphone where as Nokia 5800 has Stereo FM radio with RDS
  6. In Nokia 5800 music Xpress you can run multiple applications at the same time like multitasking on computer, play music and browse websites at same time or switch to GPS , attend a call / type an SMS and so on where as Iphone stuck with one program at one time.
  7. Nokia 5800 has 81Mb internal memory & Up to 16 GB expandable external memory with microSD slot (8GB card is also included) Iphone does not have a removable memory.
  8. Nokia 5800 is smaller 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm (HxWxD) than the Iphone (HxWxD) 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
  9. Nokia 5800 music xpress have a battery talk time up to 8h 45min and the Iphone has up to 5 hours & Standby time of Nokia 5800 is up to 17 days than the Iphone almost 12 days
  10. Nokia 5800 has a secondary camera that is used for video call and when taken in outdoors this camera takes pretty cool pictures however iphone does not have any secondary camera.
  11. Nokia 5800 supports Java whereas the Iphone does not
  12. Nokia E7 is lighter in weight 109g than the Iphone 3G 133g.
  13. You cannot carry an extra battery for iphone or replace it on your own as its not simple to do so as compare to the Nokia 5800 battery that is user-replaceable
  14. Has WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds. iPhone only has HTML

Apple IPhone 3G Advantages over Nokia 5800:

  1. The iphone touch screen is more sensitive and responsive than Nokia 5800 Xpress music as sometimes you need to press harder on 5800 to get your task done
  2. Iphone supports many applications that are available easily where as Nokia 5800 does not have many applications and some of its application are not even optimized for the screen resolution
  3. Symbian platform isn’t that good as Mac OS X as it is slow inconsistent and unstable sometimes
  4. Nokia 5800 is bit bulky than iphone as nokia is 15.5mm deep and iphone is just 12.3mm that makes iphone a thinner phone
  5. iphone has faster processer (32-bit Samsung S5L8900 620 MHz) than Nokia’s (ARM 11 that is 369 MHz processor)
  6. In Nokia 5800 it’s difficult to make call to anyone as you have to press many buttons to get to making calls where as iphone is simple in this respect.
  7. Iphone 3G has a larger screen 3.5″ over the Nokia 5800 3.2″
  8. Easy to use and with relatively less options in applications, good for those people who are less technical.

Same Features in Nokia 5800 & Apple iPhone 3G:

Some of the similar features between Apple iphone and Nokia 5800 xpress music are mentioned below

  1. Bluetooth version 2
  2. you can watch Youtube on Nokia 5800 & Iphone
  3. GPS


After the complete analysis that is in front of your eyes if we only consider the mobile phone features that the Nokia 5800 beats the iphone as sound quality it offer is completely comparable with iphone, the Wi-Fi MMS camera multi-tasking, all features mentioned above are the proof for a better mobile phone.

Iphone is a status symbol and its craze due to its beautiful body and extremely sensitive touch screen we can recommend iphone to those who just love iphone or want an easy user interface.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is a complete rival for i-phone and as its lesser wide than iphone it seems like a mobile phone and its way cheaper than the iphone that is only available with expensive packages.

nokia 5800 xpress music mobile phone