Best Digital SLR camera for amateur / beginning Photographers:

The Answer: Nikon D40

Reasons for why Nikon D40 is the best DSLR camera for amateur photographers:

  1. Less expensive than other DSLR cameras
  2. It’s super lightweight Nikon D40 that is the smallest and lightest in all Nikon digital SLR cameras.
  3. While taking picture it shows visuals cues on LCD screen to give you better idea that how changing a camera setting can affect your picture.
  4. IT help an amateur photographer it has an informative LCD screen, to get the info press the INFO button on the camera and the LCD will display all current camera settings including Shutter Speed, ISO, white balance, image quality, autofocus mode, Aperture, battery status and even the remaining photos on Memory Card. The point is that this DSLR camera not only shows these settings but also guides you what these settings mean like if we take an example of Aperture that most of the beginner photographers confuse, while adjusting the aperture through control dial you will see a graphical representation of aperture setting you will see this opening widen and narrow to give a clear picture of aperture.
  5. Instead of assuming that you know the best ISO in particular situations D40 gives shows you that which ISO suits your situation by showing an icon against each ISO level showing a situation and suitable ISO like for outdoors static subjects ISO 200 and many more.
  6. Along with the informative LCD screen it provides you helpful hints to alert you while taking photo like this is the only SLR camera that will tell you that image is too dark use the flash option or when the battery is running low.
  7. Mostly DSLR cameras have lots of buttons in the back of the the camera to help the beginners where as it confuses them more however Nikon D40 only have 4 buttons in addition to the LCD that makes it really easy to use for beginners and amateur photographers without making them completely lost.
  8. To add more simplicity to this DSLR Nikon D40 a 3-point autofocus system has been added where the three focus points are aligned straight across the viewfinder. (The autofocus gives hard time settling a photographer under dim lighting conditions and when the subject is monochromatic)
  9. As far as its technical features are concerned it has 6.1 Megapixels, its compatible with Nikon AF-S and AF-I lenses, have a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second, 2.5" inch LCD and 3-point autofocus option + many more.
  10. You wouldn’t be bothered to get more expensive Nikon digital SLR cameras unless you really want to spend money, as this camera is durable enough to be with you for long time.
  11. Do not hesitate with a lesser number of megapixels as there are many new fancy megapixels numbers are available but believe me 6.1 is enough for you right now.
  12. It has a very bright, sharp and almost three-dimensional LCD screen. It really helps you while taking shots as it looks same regardless of the angle from which you view it, it will still remain accurate and vivid.

Nikon D40 Digital SLR Camera

nikon d40 digital SLR camera

Sample Images taken from Nikon D40

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