Blackberry Curve Gemini 8520 VS Nokia E71

End Result: Nokia E71 – 3G, Better user experience, with GPS, Radio and better camera and battery time

Same Features in Blackberry curve Gemini 8520 and Nokia E71:

  1. Both cell phones have SD card slot
  2. Both phones supports Wifi
  3. Both phones support Java
  4. Both phones does not have full physical QWERTY Keyboard
  5. Bluetooth

Difference & Comparisons of Blackberry Gemini curve 8520 and Nokia E71:

Difference and comparisons are given below in the form of chart.

Features Blackberry Gemini Curve 8520 Nokia E71
3G No Yes
Released on Aug-2009 Jul-2008
LCD Screen 2.46 2.36
Internal memory RAM 256MB 128MB
Camera 2MP 3.15MP with autofocus / flash
Operating system Blackberry OS Symbian OS
Processing Speed 512 MHz 369 MHz
Radio No Yes
GPS No Yes
Weight 106 127
Dimensions 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm 114 x 57 x 10 mm


  • Nokia E71 / E71x has 3G it means faster data processing for internet usage. Blackberry 8520 only have Edge that make you use internet faster on cell phone but with data package using 3G you can get better speed and faster browsing.
  • Nokia E71 has better camera with flash and it also provide autofocus option with LED flash that capture very nice pictures, better than the Blackberry curve 8520.
  • Nokia E71 have radio if you are radio lover and also have GPS if you use this function.
  • Nokia operating system is user friendly than the blackberry operating system plus Nokia E71 is much better in battery life than the Blackberry Gemini which battery drains really fast.
  • Nokia E71 keys seems small at first however it will not take a day to get use to it.
  • Nokia E71 screen is vivid so its fun watching movie clips and browsing applications
  • Voice volume is great so listening to songs with Nokia hands free is great experience
  • What Blackberry has that Nokia doesn’t is better processing speed and RAM that makes it a bit faster phone if you opens and use phone applications. Blackberry Gemini is bit lighter in weight and it has slightly bigger screen than Nokia E71 /E71x.

Blackberry Gemini 8520 SmartPhone

Nokia E71 SmartPhone