Counterfeit & Replica Branded products on Ebay & other auction websites

It’s a common observation that Chinese market is rapidly growing in USA in every field of life, where ever you go you will always find products with tag “made in China” those products will always be cheaper then the US made products thus it will always attract the buyers.

Why china sells products with lower prices?
Main reason for China selling low priced products is low priced Chinese labor & Raw material that results in cheap production. The other reason is the exchange rate of Chinese yen with US dollar & most of the currencies. China produces verity of products ranging from low quality to well high quality however people from all over the world prefer to trade low quality products to generate more revenue & to offer low priced products.

Direct Trade with Chinese sellers on auction websites is unsafe:
Many people are discovering ways to earn money on internet by trading cheap products from china and selling them in USA to earn some money. Chinese sellers are also aware of that & like other people they also want to earn more money so without involving any third party they sell their product directly on US auction websites mainly at Ebay & ioffer.

Selling products directly on auctions websites is not an issue unless the buyer knows that the product he is purchasing it is made in China and will be shipped from China as well.
Now coming to the point, the biggest issue in purchasing Chinese (mainly electronics) items from Chinese sellers is that the products they sell are mostly counterfeits and replicas. They intend to deceive the buyers as if they are selling some branded product where as they do not, to earn almost $50 for a 70$ for a single product. In this way they manage to earn thousands of dollars on monthly basis.

Auction website buyer protection programs:
Ebay is trying their best to protect the buyers through VERO program and ioffer through C.O.P.S however still the Chinese buyers find their ways to fool people and remain successful to deceive Ebay & ioffer as well.

What they are doing is to suspend or close all accounts of such people however they also find ways to deal with it by making more new Ebay & Paypal accounts on daily basis. Ebay recently has changed their verification process for seller’s account. Now for activating a seller account seller needs to attend a phone call on his mentioned number to get a verification code. Due to this reason & repeated suspensions from Ebay now many Chinese sellers search for US residents to sell products for them and in term they share their profit with them. People help them selling their products and end up with suspended Ebay and Paypal accounts. You might have an idea that with one suspended eBay account you can not make any Ebay account with same address Phone number etc. That means that the person will not be able to sell or buy anything on Ebay till he move to another location. Chinese people use to hunt more and more US residents to run their business.

Investigate before purchasing any product from Auction websites:
Beware while purchasing anything specially electronics from Ebay, ioffer or any auction website. If you suspect any product, confirm it from the seller to make sure that the product he is selling is genuine & he is not deceiving the buyer in any way because selling a genuine product is never prohibited.