Difference Between Digital Camera (Point & Shoot) & Digital SLR (EOS Cameras)

Digital SLR Cameras are the main attraction in the market these days and they are available with a higher price than the other point and shoot simple digital cameras. The questions arises in the mind of many people including my self that “Should I Buy a DSLR or a Digital camera” Here we will discuss some key differences that will help us to decide which camera suits us the most. We will remain simple and less technical as much as we can to make all readers understand quickly & easily.

Advantages of Digital SLR’s (DSLR) Over Digital cameras:

Image Sensor is Point & Shoot Digital camera is Smaller:

Image Quality in DSLR is better because the image sensor used in point and shoot digital cameras is much smaller than the image sensor available in a Digital SLR. (Can vary up-to 25 times). DSLR operates on a Higher ISO levels than the point and shoot Digital cameras Resulting in a less Noisy or Grainy Images. Over all lenses quality of DSLR is also better than a digital camera.

Note: A Camera with Large image sensor and lower Megapixels is better than the one with smaller image sensor and large Megapixles.

DSLR is Available with Larger number of Accessories:

DSLR has an option to change the lenses where as the normal point and shoot does not offer this facility & it operates on the normal optical built in zoom option. The lenses ranges from wide angle to super long focal lengths lenses and these lenses can be used with other camera bodies as well. There are some point and shoot cameras available that offers additional lenses however they will suit a beginners however for professional photographers wide variety is require.

DSLR Poses Fast Shutter Speed

Due to faster shutter speed even if the subject is moving the picture will not be blurred.

DSLR have more and easy to use manual options

DSLR has Flexible “Depth of Field” or Wider aperture range

This option allows us to used to enhance foreground or background by putting the other blurry.

Advantages of Digital cameras over Digital SLR’s (DSLR):

Digital cameras are easy to use than a DSLR that is complex

Before taking a Digital SLR or an EOS camera we need to make sure that we are aware of different features used in cameras as without knowing different features used in SLR’s its difficult to use all the manual features available at its full.

Digital Cameras (point and shoot) are Much Cheaper than a Digital SLR

Digital Camera is lighter in weight and smaller in size

Digital cameras needs lesser care than a DSLR

Every time we change the lense of a DSLR we need to be very careful and should protect our camera from dust as Dust on an image sensor can be very irritating as it will blotch the image & cleaning a sensor is not an easy job, we need to do it professionally that will add more cost.

Digital cameras have Live LCD where as many DSLRS (EOS) does not have

Newly made SLR’s cameras does have a Live LCD however we always need to make sure before buying it.

Note: Canon EOS is a Form of Digital SLR cameras.
SLR: SLR means “Digital single-lens reflex camera”
EOS: EOS means “Electro-Optical System”