How Much Memory do I need for my Digital Camera?

While purchasing camera we need to look for different important features among which one of them is the
Digital camera memory that we often overlook in front of some most important features like “mega pixels”, “Optical or Digital Zoom”, “LCD options”

We can see many capacities in different digital cameras available in market and we must have clear idea about digital camera internal memory before we buy or purchase our digital camera. We Must see that whether the available memory in digital camera we want to purchase is enough or not? Specially before going on a vocations we must arrange for an additional memory to take as many pictures as we want. These internal memory cards are reusable however they comes up with a limited capacity and it’s always good to have a memory card along with the camera.

Mostly digital cameras comes with very low capacity of internal memory. As low as 7Mb, 9Mb, 12Mb, 15Mb & 24Mb. Many Other cameras comes with a 31Mb & 32Mb Internal Memory and can be up to 47Mb, 52Mb up to 56Mb.

Now see how the internal memory can be important for us to consider while purchasing camera. if you are planning to purchase a camera with 6Mp then image estimated resolution will be 2448×2136 and single picture taken can take up to 2Mb space. Now if the camera comes with a 7Mb or 9Mb internal memory then we cannot take more than 3 to 4 pictures with this camera without presence of a memory card. There is no fixed amount of images we can tell that can be saved in a particular memory card due to different image compressions, image contents or image type as all of these affects the size of each file however we have just given an estimate.

Here if we are purchasing a camera with 56Mb internal memory then with same 6Mp you can take 25 – 28 pictures only that also does not seem enough. So what we should do?

We need to have a memory card in all cases to have a bunch of photographs to take every time we use the digital camera. so while shopping for a digital camera always make budget for an additional memory card as when the camera mega-pixels count grows, the image size will increased consequently.

As per our recommendation we need to have at-least 256 megabyte or with relatively higher number of pixels e.g. 10Mp It is always better to select 1GB (gigabyte).

Suggestion: We should Try not save all of our photos on one card Hence we need to transfer them in computer as Memory cards can get corrupted, lost, or stolen. Another reason might be that having lots of pictures on one memory card sometimes makes it difficult to search for a particular photo.