Best Ebay Alternative

Ebay is getting popular day by day and as far as buyer is concerned Ebay is providing excellent services. Buyers are good source to provide revenue but as long as there are sellers buyers will be there and if the sellers stop selling there will be no market place.
Ebay rules for sellers are not appreciating enough for the sellers to convince them selling on Ebay.

The biggest hurdle is the seller fees Ebay takes including the Paypal fees that takes a great and left seller with very limited profit.
Due to the fee structure Ebay have many sellers are leaving Ebay and looking for best alternatives through which they gives their best to buyers and still left with some money as a fair profit.

Due to higher fees many international sellers are taking place as Ebay seller as they are selling cheap and counterfeit products on lower prices and saving money after money conversion according to their country specially Hong Kong, Hongkong sellers are even hiring USA sellers for certain comission

Apart from Ebay fee, Ebay suspension rules are also so tough as once suspended you are not even able to buy anything onwards on Ebay so as a buyer you look for another good auction website to bid or to buy.

I have personally searched for Ebay alternatives on whole however most of them lacks traffic and trust due to which they are still struggling including

The best alternative so far I am able to discover is the website has very strong interface, they have numerous seller & buyers and the number is growing day by day.

The success of Ubid is important because there must be someone in the market to compete Ebay so that they does not create any monopoly to exploit buyers and sellers in market.

So make your account and test their services for your benefit and for all.