Equipment list for amateur nature photogaphers

Do not get overwhelmed when you saw a photographer with a bag full of expensive gadgets. Those photographer are earning and can spent this much amount on the equipment. No photographer starts with lots of investment on equipment because its not advisable. You might end up wasting money. If you photograph for fun but want your pictures to look good. If you are a nature lover who wants to capture the excellence of nature however still learning how to capture the art then you will find the complete list of camera equipment you will initially need to get yourself going. You can easily impress your friends and family in lowest minimum cost.

For Nature enthusiast

If you want to take excellent nature shots then what you will need is a

  • DSLR Camera – Any basic DSLR camera will work when you are starting photography
  • Wide Angle Zoom Lens – any basic wide angle lens will work (18-55mm, 18-135mm, 18-200mm, 18-250mm)
  • DSLR Camera bag – to keep your equipment safe and sound.
  • Tripod – A must have if you want to take pictures in low light, night time or with low shutter speed in any situation
  • Lens Hood – Helps while taking pictures in day light, it will protect your pictures from lens flares
  • Lens Filters – For startup you can buy a Circular polarizer (*) & Neutral Density filters (%) are the must have for nature photographers

(*) – Do not go for linear polarizer as they were the old type of polarizer filters. Circular polarizer will cut out the glares and reflections that results due to sun and it also brings out the color saturation which is usually dimmed down by the bright sun

(%) – Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light entering into the camera so that you can use low shutter speeds. It helps specially when taking pictures of flowing water or catching any sort of movement in in bright and sunny day

The complete nature photographer package for around $750 or under $1000.