Gary Fong LightSphere Collapsible Diffuser Pros Cons and Review

The Good / Pros / Advantages:

  1. If you do not want to use direct flash at anytime you can use this diffuser and get better pictures than using direct flash.
  2. Its very lightweight and you can carry it all the times in your camera gadget bag.
  3. It comes with the adapter and frosted white dome.
  4. Made with flexible material so will fit on most flashes.

The Bad / Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. Light loss – a-lot of light will be lost means the loss of f-stops. If the light sphere will be used in an open environment without any white walls support, the light that comes out of the lightsphere will not even reach the subject. I have tested it in a church on a wedding with 2+ stops in my TTL mode still pictures were darn black and I was extremely disappointed. Even with the dome pointed towards the subject this collapsible light sphere did terrible job.
  2. Battery Loss: Your battery will drain faster due to increasing light and pointing the flash above.
  3. Extremely expensive: for a cheap plastic. Nothing fancy, it should have cost around $15 only.
  4. It is very difficult to get it on correctly quickly. I don’t know about all flashes but wit my 580EX II I have to wrestle with it for a while to put it on. I love and handle my gear with care, I can’t afford to break it. Shoving your flash onto this thing can break your flash and it doesn’t really fit well on the 580ex II. Due to this reason I donnot take it out of my bag unless I really need it and there is no other alternative i.e. white ceiling to bounce the flash.
  5. It’s difficult to close it as well. Its not easy to bend it once its open, you need to fight with it again as it will just bend and try to jump back to its extended shape.
  6. The effects from bouncing the light from ceiling and walls are much more superior than using the Gary-Fong diffuser so I never use it while I have white ceiling and walls at reasonable distance.
  7. If you are not someone who seeks attention you will feel quite awkward when people will stare at you with this thing. If you want to shoot a wedding and does not want to get noticed this Gary Fong collapsible is not for you.

In what situations you cannot use Garyfong collapsible diffuser?

  1. On a church with high ceilings and people at distance.
  2. When you are shooting a group of people
  3. You cannot use it in a wedding where you have to move around and capture moments from far distance. It will only waste your time.

In what situations you can consider using Garyfong collapsible diffuser?

  1. When you can shoot near a wall or a corner
  2. When you are shooting a single person from very less distance
  3. When you are in controlled setting where you don’t need to move around much.

Garyfong Collapsible Sample on a wedding from 5 feet distance


Garyfong Collapsible Diffuser