Go Green – Stop wasting Paper – Tip to use unwanted paper

When we talk about greener environment among other measures we talk about reducing paper waste. Paper wastage has increased by 400% in past 40 years and 35% of the trees are used to make paper. In United States alone paper waste was up to 40% of total waste, which adds up to 71.6 million tons of paper waste per year.

To make our environment greener, we have to take initiative and do our best we can to make environment better for everyone living in this planet. I am mentioning a simple tip that we can follow at home with minimal effort to save paper. We receive tons of junk mails, unwanted post that we don’t care to keep so we either throw it out or shred straightaway. From one hand we waste paper and from the other we purchase it from market in form of memo pads, notebooks, notepads, sticky notes etc to write on it. We can do little effort to save same paper we receive in post by using it as our notepad or to-do list.

The unwanted post is usually printed on one side and when you flip it over its usually blank or sometimes printed with light colored ink with some terms etc. I usually torn or cut the paper in small size notes like sticky notes and place it on my fridge with a fridge magnet. I used to buy a sticky note pad with a built in fridge magnet to use as a grocery list and sometimes I wrote things to remember on it. I’ve just purchased few strong magnets and now I have my own homemade notepad on the fridge. As soon I receive any paper that I don’t need or even the envelope, I torn or cut it in small pieces and stick it on fridge with the magnet.

I have purchased a pen with a magnet for $2 to write on the notes but when it ran out of ink I did not purchase a new. I used some tape to wrap a magnet around an ordinary pen and here I go, I ended up with my very own environment friendly notepad and a pen. These magnets are very cheap to buy and its usually a one time cost only.

Very strong magnets hold paper and pen securely on fridge Very strong magnets to hold paper and pen on fridge

Watch magnets in action:

Fridge with magnets - used paper notepad and pen with magnet

Fridge with magnets – used paper notepad and pen with magnet

Used paper with a magnet on it and a pen with taped magnet

Used paper with a magnet on it and a pen with taped magnet

A pen with wrapper magnet on it

A pen with wrapper magnet on it

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