How the Wide Angle Lense (Zoom) works & Importance

Several Different cameras are available in the market with different zoom widths & Lengths . Now here we need not to worry a-lot that which zoom width or lengths may be suitable for us.
First of all if we have just started taking pictures or are a beginner then we need not to go in such details as this might confuse us while taking a simple photograph.
If we have learned how to take pictures and now we are exploring the world by taking pictures and enjoy our selves then yes this is the time when we might needs to know how these features work.
Yes! Now I poses pretty much information on digital camera and photography is not just remained a hobby, it becomes my passion, Then I am Ready to use this feature to add some more perfection in the photographs I take.

What does a wide-angle lens do?

Wide-angle lenses give you a view “further back” in the frame than your typical 35mm lens. They’re especially useful indoors, where you can capture more of a room in your photo. A lens is considered wide-angle when it’s 30mm or below.