How to add Sharpness to photos

Razor sharp pictures look extremely attractive to eyes and everyone wants such pictures to be taken. Please check few tips and tricks for getting sharp pictures.

  1. It has nothing to do with camera body
  2. Camera lens plays an important role on how sharp your picture is
  3. Prime lens tend to get sharper pictures than zoom lenses
  4. If you cannot invest much in lenses then consider buying Canon 50mm 1.8 or similar lens for your camera which is the cheapest prime lens available around $100. It takes very sharp pictures in reasonable light of with flash because it doesn’t have image stabilization
  5. You can use Adobe Photoshop to add sharpness to your image however too much added sharpness gives fake effect so you need to be careful
  6. If you are looking for Macro photography lenses then the sharpest will be with aspect ration 1:1, any lens claim to be Macro and doesn’t have 1:1 aspect ratio please ignore it
  7. Add a tripod to your kit and get use of using it, it will help taking sharper pictures
  8. Get use to of remote shutter release, its cheap and easily available, its best i low light condition, you will not have to press camera shutter that will cause your camera to shake while taking photo.
  9. You can get best sharpness if you are shooting around an aperture of f/8
  10. The Chromatic aberration suffered by your lens. The better the lens is the lesser the CA will be.