How to cut a Video for free Tutorial

how to cut a video for free tutorial

Many people wants to cut or edit their videos at some time, specially its a modern age and we find everyone taking videos through mobile, digital camera and camcorders. Now if you want to
cut an irrelevant or useless part from your video then how to do it. Surely you can do it, if you are using windows as an operating system then we will show you how, without spending any money on different software’s and

Click on start button and in all programs and accessories you will find windows movie maker.

where to find windows movie maker

Open Windows Movie Maker and import you movie file Through File – Import into Collection It will be displayed in chunks but do not worry

As it will be in pieces press control+A or select all video pieces and drag them to video line. They will align themselves automatically. Now Play the video and from where you want to
cut it pause it from there and press the button mentioned below called "Split" that will split that clip from there.

how to split the video in two

Split button can also be found in men "Clip" and option "Split" the short cut is Ctrl+L

After splitting the undesired part click on that part and press delete, that unwanted part that was split earlier will be removed and you will be left with the part you want. you can
repeat the same process on any widows any number of times. Now time to save the video.

Press File – Save Movie File – Select Movie location – Press Next – Enter Movie name – Select Video quality and hit "next. It will tell you the estimated time the video will be saved and
after you save it check it out.