HTC Hero A6262 phone Pros Cons Review

Announced in June-2009, this phone has captured the attention as soon it came in the market. The phone is overall excellent for the features it offers. Please find details below.

HTC Hero A6262 cell phone Pros / Advantages:

  1. Android and HTC’s "Sense" is amazingly work as its very well thought out software. its integration with google is huge plus.
  2. Excellent 5MP camera, take really good quality photos with autofocus
  3. Excellent high quality display
  4. Touch screen is very responsive
  5. Really easy to customize the menus according to your own choice
  6. Outstanding Reception and excellent call quality
  7. Solid construction, not cheap looking
  8. Really easy to type on screen board, three styles to chose from
  9. Spelling correction is awesome
  10. Improved speakers with loud ringtones
  11. Wi-fi is the biggest advantage plus its very speedy
  12. You do not have to remove the battery to put the memory card on
  13. Smart operating system, thousand of applications available for this OS
  14. 3.5mm headphone jack
  15. GPS

HTC Hero A6262 cell phone Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. No flash for the camera
  2. Its not smudge-proof
  3. Phone is very slow while switching from landscape to portrait
  4. camera autofocus in not that good as with hand shakes picture get blurred
  5. No radio
  6. Trackball seems useless as screen is used almost all the times
  7. No physical keyboard
  8. Battery life is not that great (not that bad either)


Wonderful phone with excellent features this phone is a must have. equipped with latest technology people compare it with Iphone and does not find it less than what Iphone is offering and no one likes to return this phone once purchased.

HTC phones have Wifi and excellent one that makes it really easy to use internet where ever wireless internet is available. Those who are use to the keyboard may find it bit difficult in the start but will get use to quickly due to the easy user interface and touch screen responsiveness.

Phone’s CONS / Disadvantages are too few and can easily be ignored. Regarding the battery life most PDA and big screen phones does not have excellent battery life.

HTC Hero A6262 Smart phone