Importance of resolution (Mega Pixel) in purchasing a Digital camera

What is Megapixel?
1 megapixel is equal to 1 million pixels, Megapixel in Digital cameras not only defines the number of pixels but also state the number of image censors, the device that converts an optical image to an electric signal.

How Important is the Mega pixels while purchasing / Buying Digital Cameras?
* While purchasing a camera looking at such feature is important as more the Mega pixels means Higher the resolution will be that will result in more image detail. In simple words it can be said that higher the mega pixel the better the quality of the image is.

* Choosing camera with higher Megapixels is important but the factors like camera sensor & the optical quality of a lens also plays equally important roles in building image quality.

* If you have a digital camera with more megapixels it can help you allot for your printing and editing needs, as cropping your picture will still result good quality image and your picture will not be blurred.

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  1. DJfox /

    considering mega pixels while purchasing a camera is important However we need to consider other features like camera sensor and optical quality also build the image quality so if a camera is 6 Megapixels or 7 there will be not much difference in picture quality until the optical quality is much more improved.

  2. ancientDoll /

    Yeah the Megapixel is very important as more the megapixels of a digital camera can results in larger resolution of images with same quality. You can say that 2 Megapixels can print 4x6in images best, 3Megapixels 8x10in, similarly 4megapixels prints 11x14in & 5Megapixels prints 20x30in Images best.

  3. SummonIn /

    I Agree with both of you however as ancientdoll said that megapixel is very important for higher picture resolution. There are people who are not interested in higher picture resolution, they are interested in higher picture quality in same 4×6 prints. This is the fact that more the mega pixels more the picture quality will be as if you are capturing the same 4x6image image with 6 Megapixel Digital camera (6 million Pixels) it will give a detailed and high quality image as compare to a 2 Megapixel digital camera.

  4. Pun.D /

    Yeah Agreed as well – More the pixels, the sharper the picture will be. The Mega pixels tanges from 1 to 12 Mega pixles but still the 11 or 12 Megapixel camera will be the expensive one.

    more Mega pixles are always appreciated but what if someone is not willing to pay big amount of money for Mega pixels then we can always decide that if we are interested in enlarged pictures than lower mega pixel camera will result in a hazy image.

    If you’re a common user who only uses the images in emails, albums, upto 5×7 inches prints then a 2 – 4 Megapixel camera can serve the purpose. However if you are a proffesional then you can select the highest megapixles depending upon your pocket.

  5. Dude /

    I just wanted to tell you people that megapixles are really very important while purchasing cameras however some companies are selling cameras with high megapixles on very low prices but in such cameras all other features are too low… be careful while deciding about the camera which u need to take.

  6. Sule /

    People usually get crazy about megapixels, but its not necesary that you always go for more megapixles as Higher megapixels means larger image size that will always take more place in ur memory card as well as in your computer hard disk…. so you will always need to have some extra space in your digital cameras memory card

  7. Pious /

    Cool information. I am looking to buy a new digital camera, and I find the information on this site very helpful.

    Can anybody here tell me which brand is “The Best”, and economical as well? What I am asking for is the best value for money…

  8. admin / Post Author

    Talking about the Brands… We cannot abruptly says that the xyz brand is the best and abc is the worst. All cameras has some salient features however they must match your digital camera needs. Here’s an example, like If we are highly interested in image quality, then we need to compare different digital cameras with same Megapixles e.g. 6Mp. Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, sony or Fuji can be the choice… Processing of canon is fastest than any other camera & Fuji processing is reported to be bit slow among the above mentioned however if we compare prices of these brands then Fuji will cost you lesser so the choice will always be yours.
    As my knowledge and study says that in term of picture quality canon digital camera is the most likely by the users and Nikon comes afterwards.

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