Nokia 603 Smart Phone Pros & Cons

The Pros / Positive features / Advantages:

  1. Ease of use, like other Nokia phones, Nokia 603 is also very user friendly
  2. Very fast processing speed 1GHZ that only few high class phones are offering these days
  3. Good battery, better than most touch screen phones, with medium usage of calls/data it lasts for 2 days
  4. 2GB internal memory however you will need external card if you want more apps and media on your phone
  5. It does not stuck, hang or eat battery with crashed programs like Android
  6. With just one click (holding middle button for few seconds) you can see all minimized programs and close any to save battery
  7. you will get free Angry Birds with it, no advertisement version (It is in GCC countries, not sure about others)
  8. East to connect Wi-fi and using internet on wi-fi is also very easy and fast
  9. Touch screen is perfect, I never had any problem typing in it, touch responsiveness is awesome with great accuracy
  10. Picture quality is good and movie quality is awesome
  11. Speaker phone is better than many famous touch screen phone e.g. HTC Mytouch 4G, Iphone etc however its not as loud as in previous old Nokia phones
  12. Bright LCD screen visible indoor and outdoors, unlike many other bright LCD’s this is more visible in bright sunny conditions. I have played many games under the sun and they were more contrasty and visible than other touch screen phones
  13. You can quickly charge the phone with adapter or plug in the USB cable to charge it with your laptop or computer
  14. It’s reasonably prices if I compare it with Iphone or new HTC phones with 1GHZ processing speed

The cons / Negative features / Disadvantages:

  1. its not very slim as most new phones neither it has big wide beautiful screen, screen is bit narrow however it doesn’t effect browsing
  2. OVI App store, not as great as Android’s or Iphone’s however still they have improved a-lot and I was amazed to see several free apps and games to download
  3. It has a fixed focus camera which means you cannot take macro shots and extremely sharp pictures
  4. Camera lacks flash which is not a big issue since cell phones flashes are not that powerful however with flash you can at least capture in very dark situations

Overall conclusion / review

  • Nokia 603 price in different countries: around $270USD, 1000QAR (Qatari Riyals), 1000SAR (Saudi Riyals), 24,000PKR (Pakistani Rs.)
  • If we compare the price and the features, the phone is excellent and a must have
  • Excellent phone with excellent features, user friendliness, great touch screen phone with good battery, speaker and camera
  • If you are confused whether to buy Nokia 701 or 603, both phones have same body, same screen, same processing speed with Wi-Fi. Only thing that Nokia 701 has extra is 8GB internal memory vs 2GB and 8Mp camera with flash 5MP camera without flash. I have ended up buying Nokia 603 with external card (very cheap) instead of spending extra on phone.

Sample Images

Nokia built-in Image editing software result