Nokia E51 Cell phone Pros and Cons

Nokia E51 is in the market for while now and still people likes this phone due to its features and style. before purchasing your Nokia E51 checkout the main reasons for buying or not buying this phone, the same phone
is available with or without the camera so be careful while purchasing this phone.

Nokia E51 Pros / Advantages:

  1. Very economical price for its features
  2. Its a 3G phone
  3. Slim, small and lightweight
  4. Symbian-based OS; S60 v3 FP
  5. Active standby
  6. WLAN – Wifi compatible
  7. Dedicated application buttons and shortcut keys
  8. stainless steel solid body looks awesome
  9. Very vibrant and nice screen
  10. 130MB internal memory
  11. Stereo Bluetooth and HSDPA
  12. MicroSd card slot that is expandable up-to 8GB
  13. Nice media player and have Radio as well
  14. Signal reception is good
  15. very user friendly

Nokia E51 Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. Call Quality is not that good
  2. Camera is 2MP megapixels yet its not impressive and does not have any flash
  3. 3G is only available in Europe and Canada
  4. Video calls are only available in 3G
  5. Rose steel color catches fingerprints very easily
  6. Preinstalled quick office is read only version only
  7. For video calls no front camera is available


Over all mobile features are excellent only its camera quality is not that good, its slim and have solid body with all the important features a person needs in a mobile phone including, media player, radio, Bluetooth,
memory card slot and above all Wifi, you can have this mobile phone for lower price then other Nokia mobile phone with similar characteristic.

nokia e51 mobile phone