Nokia N73 / Music Edition cell Phone – Pros & Cons

Nokia N73 is available in 2 Colors, first one is silver and second one is black (The Music addition). The difference between these 2 sets is that the music edition comes up with a 2GB memory card providing you more space to add more and more songs. Some of he advantages and Disadvantages are mentioned below for Nokia N73. Do remember to view comments for user reviews on Nokia N73.

Nokia N73 Pros / Advantages:

3.2MP (Mega Pixels) Camera: The Best features of the handset includes its 3.2Megapixels camera Carl Zeiss lens that results is excellent quality pictures. You might not see the original results until you transfer the pictures on computer or print it as Nokia LCD does not provide the original quality or enhance the brightness of phone before previewing pictures. Beware of the front view camera as its result is pathetic and images taken from this camera are blurry and of no use.

Excellent quality speaker phone However the headphone does not provide the higher volume and excellent quality output. You can get excellent sound while connecting it to speakers or PC. The Speaker phone results are exceptionally good & when a ring tone plays everyone notices the quality of sound.

The processing of the camera is faster then the old S60 Nokia phones however when more data is stored on phone its processing speed become slow and we always need to remove or delete some data to make it more faster.

All other features available for calling, sending messages, MMS and opening web application however while sending MMS like other S60 phones the phone automatically compress picture size (MMS) while sending or receiving so no use of transferring these pictures to computer and no printout can be taken for the picture received on MMS. (Is old versions of Nokia like 6230 MMS was received in its full size i.e. 50kb to 100kb) e.g. a 90Kb picture send Via MMS will be converted to a 9or 7Kb picture that will not be bigger then a small icon.

Infrared and blue tooth options are included however like all other Nokia phones during file transfer Nokia mobile set does not show the Total size of file, sending size or the percentage indicator. It shows just s bar that is getting filled and giving indication of file sending. You need to have enough space in your mobile phone to receive a file via blue tooth and Infrared.

42 MB Internal Memory is good as compare to other mobile sets however still without a memory card its impossible to take pictures and store songs as average picture size of Nokia N73 when captured on full resolution is 600-700Kb so always have extra memory card to meet the needs.

It uploads pictures to flicker

Beautiful bright and large screen with crisp quality

Keys are very firm and its very comfortable to press them along with the joystick that is very user friendly and can be easily used. Over all a very user friendly phone

Great for music lovers The music version of Nokia N73 is great for music lovers as it includes a 2GB memory card and one click media button to access you music player that is an excellent music player that helps you to sort your music, make play lists very easily. The Nokia N73 music version is more attractive for its black color.
Excellent speakers and Headphone that are very loud and the headphone is just great with the 3.5mm jack compatibility the phone can be used as a mp3 player anywhere including you home and car with any stereo system as an output music device. The headphones have all options including play, pause next and previous song + the volume button is also available

Nice platform It runs a real smart phone OS, which means real applications and real PDA functionality.

Nice battery

Nokia N73 Cons / Disadvantages

Phone is little heavier then all other cellular company’s phone as Nokia phones are always bit heavier however their new sleek and smart series possess some lighter weight model as well however this handset weighs around 116grams and dimensions are 110 x 49 x 19 mm.

Phone has lame flash

bit slow response to commands

Memory Errors Mostly Nokia N73 mobile phones gives memory errors and asks you to delete data as you are running short of memory and when you check the phone also does not show the actual memory. The problem get resolved by it self as even resting the factory settings will also not help but its very annoying when it says no memory even for sending sms.


A must have phone as its a wonderful 3g phone with limitless options and an excellent music phone, does not get scratched easily, easy to use and friendly user interface make this phone really worth buying. Now a days available on very economical price this phone can beat any latest phone characteristics

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