Pakistan Among the Next 11 Emerging Economies

18th August, 2008 – General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan has resigned & given his last speech to the national television that was memorable and bit emotional as well. During the hour-long speech he reviewed the accomplishments of his nearly nine years in power.

He has highlighted and explained many important issues related to Pakistan among which there was an important point that Pakistan was included in the Next 11 emerging economies that have never been highlighted strongly & positively before. Even if we see the highlights of his speech on internet this information is missing in almost all news.

In his speech Musharraf has presented the facts and figures related to the GDP growth that was 7 percent, Revenue collection that had reached to one trillion dollars & The KSE index that was around 16,000 points.

Along with these facts Musharraf said that “The dollar conversion rate was stable at around 60Rs, that was the power of our economy and these fact were the indicators for the future prosperity and growth of Pakistan. Due to these indications the assessment and evaluating agencies of the world has considered Pakistan among N11 countries (next 11) after the BRIC countries. This is not something that I am making up; I am telling something that is true and based on facts that Pakistan economy was strong just before 8 months. You can check & authenticate this information from any of the institution/source”.


THE BRIC countries were named in 2003 for Brazil, Russia, India and China as the most rapidly developing countries with greatest economic potential.

In 2005 Goldman Sachs Group (Leading global investment banking) considered the BRIC successors that were known as the N11 (Next 11). This group comprises of 11 countries, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam. The characteristics of the N11 countries are rapidly growing populations combined with significant industrial potential & capacity.

We are aware of the importance of the role of media in providing the important facts and figures related to any country’s economic situation however the economic situation is mostly negatively highlighted by Pakistani media.

Pakistan is a developing country that’s why it is facing Economical instability in all times however if something progressive has been done by government or any personal it should be highlighted in newspapers and media to let people know that Pakistan is on its way to become a progressive state.