Samsung A877 Impression Pros Cons review

Announced in March-2009, a phone with full QWERTY keyboard and big screen. It first glance this cell phone capture your sight however lets discuss does it worth it.

Samsung A877 Impression cell phone Pros / Advantages:

  1. 3G compatible
  2. QWERTY keyboard that is really easy to use
  3. Big screen with vivid color and flawless touch screen that can work prefect with finger or even with nails.
  4. Battery life is better as compare to other PDA phones
  5. 3.15MP camera however good quality and flash
  6. Excellent Bluetooth connectivity with display
  7. Loud speaker and loud ringtones
  8. loud and clear call quality
  9. Sending a text message is quite easy

Samsung A877 Impression cell phone Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. No Wi-Fi that is pretty much bad for a new phone like this
  2. No 3.5mm jack
  3. Not a very well built operating system


This is phone is another touch screen phone by samsung however for this big touch screen phone they have added a full physical keyboard that is a plus for sms lovers. It makes it so easy to send sms. The people that love the full keyboard sometimes does not not like the touch screen feature however by using this cell phone they found it interesting

No Wi-Fi so if you you want a phone with Wi-Fi this phone is not for you however the battery life phone posses is better than any other PDA.

Phone is a great buy with solid body and many features that makes this phone a really easy to use however no windows as operating system.

Samsung A877 Impression Smart phone