Samsung Behold T919 Pros Cons Review

Announced in November-2008, a very sleek smart big screen phone that is really good to look at, lets discuss how is it on hand.

Samsung Behold T919 cell phone Pros / Advantages:

  1. 3G compatible
  2. Big 3 inch bright screen with very good touch responsiveness
  3. Slim design and attractive look 
  4. Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
  5. 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash
  6. Light weight and can be connected via USB
  7. Customizable with lots of choices
  8. Call quality is so loud and clear even on slower volume, speaker phone is loud as well
  9. Alarm, notes, memos, calendar, etc. is easy to use. T9 is smart & you can add your own words
  10. Sturdy construction, good solid built

Samsung Behold T919 cell phone Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. No Wi-Fi that is pretty much bad for a new phone like this
  2. Battery life is really bad
  3. Camera is very slow while talking pictures and the picture get blurred easily so its almost impossible to take good pictures with this phone
  4. Browser is also too slow that eats up memory pretty fast
  5. No thread text messages
  6. Not a very well built operating system


If someone is obsessed with the good look of a phone than its great looking phone that is super slim and have a touch screen.

Depending upon the usage, if you are using it for internet and calling people then it works really well however for people who love to send text messages and take pictures this phone could be horrible due to slow speed of performing these functions.

You can not call it a smart phone but overall a good cell phone to have. It certainly will not replace your camera.

Samsung Behold T919 Smart phone