Samsung Memoir SGH T929 pros cons review

Announced in Feburary-2009, this phone was a success and most people liked its features and specially the touch screen and the 8MP camera

Samsung Memoir SGH T929 cell phone Pros / Advantages:

  1. 3G compatible
  2. 8 MP Camera with 16x zoom autofocus and xenon flash that take awesome pictures with big resolution pictures not less than any digital camera
  3. Very good battery life
  4. Touch screen is very responsive and smooth
  5. Loud speaker is awesome, you can listen to the song while doing any sort of work.
  6. Easy to browse
  7. Can use up-to 16GB memory card
  8. Weather widget
  9. Its size is just perfect not too big not too small.

Samsung Memoir SGH T929 cell phone Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. No Wi-Fi that is pretty much bad for a new phone like this
  2. Phone ring tones are not loud enough
  3. You can not cut and paste while writing something


Too many pros and too few cons however this phone is a bad news for wifi lovers because it does not have wifi. Other than that the phone does it all, it has big responsive screen with on screen keyboard that people liked very much.

T929 has an awesome camera that replaces even a digital camera if you have a bigger memory card installed in it. Battery life is comparatively better than the most PDA’s. a PDA phone usually does not hold charge for long however this phone does is better than other PDA phones still not much.

For the price its an excellent catch, if you does not use wifi then its an excellent phone for you for a reasonable price.

Samsung Memoir SGH T929 Smart phone