Samsung Saga SCH i770 Pros Cons review

Announced in November-2008, this phone has captured the attention however it was not a big success as now a days and good condition Saga is available for $100 easily.

Samsung Saga i770 cell phone Pros / Advantages:

  1. Touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard.
  2. Wifi that is very easy to connect
  3. Good reception and call quality
  4. Loud speaker and loud ringtones
  5. Optical mouse is very useful and responsive
  6. Easy Grip due to the textured band around the exterior
  7. Compact telescoping stylus
  8. Windows mobile 6.1 professional runs flawlessly
  9. Easy to use keypad buttons are not small not too large
  10. Not cheap looking, solid build
  11. Memory can be increased with a memory card

Samsung Saga i770 cell phone Cons / Disadvantages:

  1. Battery life is bad
  2. Only 2MP camera with no flash
  3. Screen turns on randomly
  4. Big phone with smaller screen
  5. No GPS
  6. No Radio


Overall a nice phone to have, specially for people with bigger hand this phone will work just fine. Battery life is not good for most PDA’s however this one drains bit faster. If you need a phone with Wi-fi and windows to download numerous application then its a phone for you.

The camera is not that good however if you do not take pictures that often it will be good and for radio lovers, sorry this phones does not have one.

 For the price now a days this phone can be a best option as phones that does have wifi are expensive.

Samsung Saga i770 Smart phone