Sony Ericsson W800i cell phone pros cons features & review

Sony Ericsson W800 is available with two different names in the market, Sony Ericsson W800i that is available for international market and Sony Ericsson W800c that is available for china market, Please find below the review of Sony Ericsson W800 that is the same cell phone as W800i and W800c

Advantages / Pros / Positive features of Sony Ericsson W800i:

  1. Light weight and small size so really handy
  2. Call quality is good
  3. Simple design and easy to learn user friendly interface
  4. High quality mp3 player with FM radio Media player with an easy to use MP3 player interface with playlist.
  5. Excellent sound quality headset,
  6. Expandable memory, 512MB card included & the memory card can be removed without turning off the phone
  7. Display is bright and clear
  8. It has both bluetooth and infrared ports
  9. 2 megapixels camera with auto focus, excellent macro mode, editing feature, Built in flash that also works great as a flash light. 2MP camera does not produce big sized pictures, however still good image quality

Disadvantages / Cons / Negative features of Sony Ericsson W800i:

  1. Slippery and small keypad buttons might be difficult to use for people with big hands
  2. Headset jack is poorly locked
  3. You can not listen to the songs using your Bluetooth headphones
  4. Can use only Sony memory card – memory stick duo pro only
  5. External speaker is weak
  6. Headset volume is also not that loud like most Nokia phones
  7. Software occasionally resets itself & sometimes the phone freezes
  8. Browsing of images can be difficult in a sense that it takes few seconds to browse different images


Over all the phone features like a normal cell phone with good sound quality, Its design seems not that flashy and gives simple and bit plastic look however over all call quality, sound quality and a decent camera with expandable memory makes it a good phone to have and use.

Sony Ericsson W800i Cell Phone