Taking nokia backup and restoring data with screen shots

Taking data backup in Nokia phone and restoring it on another Nokia phone is probably the easiest. Few days ago I was helping one of my friend taking backup of his Android phone and I felt really bad because it was so hard for him to backup everything and he had to Google and search for ways so he can do it in steps which took almost his whole day.

With Nokia suite, depending upon the data size, it should not take more than an hour to copy and restore the data on your other phones and it will copy all your contacts, SMS text messages, calender entries, any notepad entries, settings, songs, pictures etc and when you will switch on your new Nokia phone, the phone will be new but all your memories will be right there.

Follow these simple steps to back up your Nokia phone. Make sure your phone is completely charged before plugging it in as this process may take time. Some phones charge when connected via USB like Nokia 603 however the charge is not as fast as via wall charger so its better to charge the mobile first. Also remember to backup your phone time to time to save your data in case of lost mobile, theft or phone malfunction.

Step 1: Open Nokia PC suite, if you haven’t already installed it on your PC, you can do it here

Step 2: Connect your Nokia phone via your USB

Step 3: If your phone prompt for selecting a USB topion, select Nokia Suite

Step 4: When your phone is connected another small screen will. Ignore it for now and minimize it.

Step 5: Go to main Nokia PC Suit screen and select Tools -> Backup

Step 6: Below mentioned screen will appear, press next

Step 7: Select anything you like to backup, if you want complete backup, check all options and select a suitable location where backup will be saved

Step 8: Once started, it will show you complete status of every item, if you are backing up the songs and pictures it will take more time so be patient.

Step 9: Once done, below mentioned screen will be shown, press finish

Restoring the backup in same phone or any other Nokia Phone:

Step 1: Follow the first 4 steps above

Step 2: Go to main Nokia PC Suit screen and select Tools -> Restore

Step 3: The following screen will appear, press next

Step 4: Select whatever you want to copy on your phone, select the backup from the file menu which most of the times are the latest one however if you want to restore an old backup you can do that as well. Click next, it will take sometime and yes, your phone is done.