Tips to Earn Money on Ebay – Sellers Guide

Many people work and make money on Ebay where other think how is it possible with so much Ebay and Paypal Fees. Now a days there are many Chinese Products sold on Ebay but still there are many US sellers also who are selling US products and are making extra money for themselves.

Lets Learn!!!

Purchasing Products on Deals:
To Purchase the products on deals is not so easy as the internet world is full of scams and to find a genuine deal is also very difficult. Initially it is required to select the stores and websites that offer deal alerts. Mostly Super Discounted deals lasts from 1 day to a week’s time; so you need to be quick purchasing the product.

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Purchasing Products with mail in rebate:
This option may cause some wait and little effort but in longer term results in real profit. Many stores offer “Mail in Rebate” options where sometime the rebate amount is remarkable. Do buy these products and sell them on Ebay by mentioning on the add that “UPC Code has been removed for Rebate” Believe me no buyer minds it rather they feel confident that the seller is Honest and Product is from USA.

Purchasing Latest Released Products:
To Purchase latest products mostly like the Mobile Phones, Mp3 players, Laptops, etc is bit risky but it is very profitable. To gain the profit you may need to wait in queues on stores for hours to purchase the product right after the sales begins.And later immediately place auction add on Ebay to get attention of buyers who would want the latest product without being part of the queues.

Purchasing Products in Bulk:
keep an eye on your local stores or online stores for different offers in bulk. Bulk items are usually available on discounted rates. Do not forget to calculate the estimated profit by selling the products separately on Ebay keeping in mind all the costs.

Promoting your product to attract Buyers

  1. Add All important words in title that buyer might write to search the product.
  2. The lower the starting bid will be the higher will be the ending price (However for non famous products prefer buy it now option)
  3. While using buy it now option search the completed listings from advanced search to determine the price as if the price will higher than others then buyer will not like to buy that item.
  4. Determine the shipping cost wisely including handling charges if any, lower the shipping cost more the visits to buy the product will be.
  5. While writing description of the product use font that can easily be read and use simple details for returning or shipping details. lots of details might confuse buyer.
  6. Take pictures of your products from each angle and upload them to any website, if you doesn’t have any website then make free website on or or any website you like.
  7. While uploading pictures use the image URL of your product from your website to upload pictures for free. or just copy the picture from the website and paste it. More the pictures will be more famous your product will be.
  8. If the Product is second hand mention any minor details that can interest buyer like any scratches or fault about the product.

Start mastering on purchasing products on lower price. The lowest Price you may get the highest the profit you may earn on Ebay.