Venice Didn’t Impress me Much

Since my Childhood I have heard great stories about Venice, “You should see this place before you die”, “If you are going to Italy you should never miss a sight of Venice”. Finally I made my plan to visit the heaven in existing world. The people around started getting conscious & excited when they heard that I will Visit Venice, and now as I have visited Venice I want to share with all those who have never been to Venice.

The Story Began When I went to Italy, My Final Destination Was Ischia (Island of Italy). I took a transit in between for Marco polo Airport in Venice (Venezia) that was of 6 hours Duration and after that My Plane was to fly to Naples. During the Transit I did not have much time to roam all over Venice however I discovered the part that I could possibly visit and come back before my next flight.

Alilaguna Water bus Venice

On My way to Venice when the water bus took stops in between, I noticed a large number of visitors roaming on different places in Venice. The Visitors were more than the natives and they were so huge in number that the walking path did not seem to enough for them. The water quality was also not good, it was so dirty and the garbage & dead grass was floating all over the water.

on water bus way to venice

on way to venice on water bus

I asked the Operator to tell me where my bus stop was because I was getting confuse. After sometime he told me that I have reached Maddona-Del_Orto. I jumped out of the Boat and started discovering the place.

Opening of buildings lead me to houses

Opening of buildings lead me to houses

Opening of buildings lead me to houses

As soon I entered into the opening of buildings I found normal looking old houses that were build a long time ago but not maintained. I continued my way to Maddona-Del-Orto Church & on my may observed the surroundings closely. The Idea was different for the people to live in water where they have to jump and climb the door of their own house however there was nothing much to appreciate.

Opening of buildings lead me to houses

Opening of buildings lead me to houses

I found the Church not too far and entered in it. Found a lady sitting on the entrance of the Church. She was talking to someone on phone so I made my way inside the Church when she stopped me and asked for purchasing a Ticket. I was amazed that she is asking for money for visiting the house of god. I gave her 3 Euros, She offered if I am interested in all churches in Venice then I can purchase a pass of 11 Euros which I refused.

facing of Madonna Del Orto

I entered in the Maddona-Del-Orto Church and observed it very closely. It was a beautiful church with lots of wall hangings and its design was unique.

Inside the Madonna Del Orto Church

While discovering the church I found a place under the feet of Marry where I could lit a candle. I wished to do so when I saw a caption under the candles that I need to pay for 0.50 Euro to lit a candle in that place. That caption disturbed me a-lot and I did not opt for a candle lit.

candle lit inside Madonna del orto

Inside Madonna-Del-Orto Church

It was nice to view the church inside, I spend half an hour inside, took some pictures and when I reached the outside gate I found a Printout pasted on the Door that “Cameras not Allowed” I stopped for a while and felt ashamed on taking pictures however there was nothing I could do.

Inside Madonna Del Orto Church

I walked outside the Church and discovered other places near by, the houses, streets, and water paths for boats. I could easily feel the smell of water that was stopped outside the houses and was full of soil and dead grass.

Inside the Venice

Inside the Venice

Inside the Venice

I Spent some time and came back to where I could again found a water bus. Took the water bus and reached the airport prior 2:30 hours. Even I had my boarding card with me still it was wise decision to came early because there was a long line at the security check gate and it took me an hour to pass the line and enter into the airport to take a flight for Naples.

Coming back from Venice to Airport

I do not mean anyone to offend after reading this article. My purpose is just to share what I felt and observed in Venice. All the beautiful pictures I have seen, All the stories I have heard about the place, the excitement to see Venice. All my excitement gone dull, I was disappointed and was thinking that may be the san marco square is the real Venice and I missed its sight but I no longer wish to see that place because the number of visitors were less in Maddona-Del-Orto still that place was not clean then I can well imagine how the condition of San marco would be.

Thanks for reading it till the end and please do share any such experience of yours. Send us an email at and get your experience published right away.