Which LCD is best in Digital Cameras?

While Talking about LCD’s (Liquid Color Display) we need to keep in mind that that there are not much choices in LCD’s we can ponder however still there are some we need to look at.

LCD size Varies between 1 inch to 3 inches. The only difference in having a big LCD is same as having a bigger TV means we can have a larger view. If we are having a larger LCD in front of us then it becomes easy for us to have a clear look at the image we are about to capture. Here Below mentioned picture is showing 3 inches LCD and we can have better idea that, the bigger the LCD the easier it will be to capture an image.

Brightness option in LCD in all cameras is almost same as we can adjust the brightness as per our requirement or environment as it sometimes become difficult to view the image on LCD screen in outdoor. In such scenarios LCD brightness can be increased to make the picture visible keeping the battery life in mind as more battery will be consumed if we are using more brightness.

So having high resolution or big size LCD is attractive however we need to also look at our budget before selecting the one. Low resolution or small screen LCD’s can also serve the purpose however the more money you will invest the more comfort and outcome the digital camera will give.