Why are we on the earth

different people has different point of views related to this concept. Some have religious views like we have to answer God about our deeds and bad deeds will be punished badly. Other have belief that a new life will be given to the person after his death in the same world and he will be punished for his deeds. Where some believes that everything will be ended & nothing good or bad will be happen after death.

What we think about this concept?
whenever anything bad happens to us we intend to blame others for it. If we have done something bad to someone it will repeat to us as well. The life is giving and taking. All we need to do is to pass our life in best possible manner in the limits of all ethics as how we are spending our life today will effect all our future.

Remember your parents giving you advise to study well, sleep early, make your self clean etc. Because if we do not do so it will repeat in future in diverse form as a person fails to study well will never be able to earn easily etc.

We must get positive here that we are here to do good to others. If you do not want to do good for others do not do it but do remember one thing that this good will return to you somehow at any time, a person not taking care of anyone finally left alone with no one to take care of him/her as well.

Lets realize it now and start appreciating others for doing good and do good to your self as well.

someone has greatly said that

“Do not unto others that you would not have them do unto you”