Why people are psycho

It is very easy for someone to say someone Psycho but have you ever though from where these psychos comes from? These are people that are around us.

Reasons for People being Psycho:
Mostly people having less confidence are psychos and there are few reasons why they lack confidence in themselves.

1. A child scolded or neglected too much in his child hood by his parents.
2. A child who remained unable to get proper attention of his/her family, mostly caused by separated parents.
3. A child victim of child abuse / molested in his Childhood.
4. A child who remain unable to make friends.
5. A child who lacks any physical beauty or is abnormal in some way e.g. ugly, fat or weird face.

What Happens after that?
These are many other reasons where we as a community fails to provide a safe environment to these children since the early childhood due to which they loose confidence and self speech. Due to lack of confidence he/she remains unable to participate in his class, always hesitant to talk to anyone including his/her parents. Always busy watching dreams and talk to him/herself only.

we can easily identify these children among other children. When a little attention is given to them they really feel happy but due to lack of confidence they are never able to express how happy they are. If still remain unnoticed and rejected these children soon turns into a negative and a pessimist person.

What a Psycho can do?

A Harmless Psycho:
A psycho may be of two kinds harmful or harmless. It depends on the person’s energy he may poses. A harmless person is the extremely introvert person who cannot express himself at all and do not demand anything from anyone but in heart he burns himself and always wishes to die. He is always sad and hurt, he will always think that the whole world is against him/her & nothing good can be happen to him. This Type of psycho will be no harm to anyone but he will always harm himself by getting these negative thoughts on his nerves resulting any type of nervous disorder.

A Harmful Psycho:
A harmful Psycho is a person full of energy but he use his energy against the whole world to take revenge, he also thinks that the world is against him and will not do any good to him thats why he will always try to harm others to let them know how it feels. He would like to see other people sad to remove his sadness but he will never be happy, but by harming and teasing others his energy will be released so he will feel satisfied but for a very short period.

How we can help them?
Should we keep away from these Psychos? the answer is “NO” it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of such people & best way to take care of them is in their childhood because its the age when a person’s mentality is getting developed. With the time passes it become more difficult for such people to change.

What we can do is to identify the children that lacks confidence. The parents can help them if they identify what a child needs are and how they needs to take care. The responsibility of the teacher is to highlight these children by giving them extra tasks and enrolling them more in class activities. The other children’s responsibility is to also add such children in their groups to play & to chat, If the children are neglecting those children then its again the responsibility of the teacher & parents & to make all children believe that he/she is equally good.

Every mind is same & everyone thinks but some people are victim of circumstances & if we are unable to identify those people then who knows how much harm they will cause to themselves or others.

So lets join together and start helping people gaining confidence.