Why should you use a Lens hood

Why should you use a Lens hood

We often see photographers roaming around with their cameras with long lenses and lens hoods. I hardly see any professional photographer who does not use one. Specially those who are into street photography, nature or sports photography. The question is should I get one for myself?


Answer is: YES

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  1. The main reason for using a lens hood is to prevent unwanted stray light from hitting the
    lens element from the sides that saves your images from the flare that is in
    some cases very important.
  2. Lens hood also increase color saturation
  3. A silent service it also provides is to protect your lens that is extra protection from accidentally impact as you can accidentally hit your camera lens to wall, can print the fingers on it etc. however the lens hood will work as a shield to prevent any damage as its edges are extended and the lens front element is hard to reach. Even if you break your lens hood, you will not feel bad losing a $20 hood than to a $1000 lens.
  4. We would definitely recommend using the lens hood with every lens you have.
  5. Please find below the sample pictures taken without the lens hood and check how damaging the flare can be

lens flare