7 Things we Need to consider before purchasing a Digital Camera

1) : Which Camera brand we need to take

We need to first decide which camera brand we need to buy. For this purpose we need to read reviews, users recommendations & features as well. According to our study of different reviews of users and professionals, Canon has proven its worth in the market and has became the most preferred brand of digital cameras. Our recommendation apart, you need to look it from your perspective as well before buying a Digital Camera. Read more about recommendation.

2.1) : Select Point & shoot or DSLR according Level of Experience

If you are a beginner then a point & shoot digital camera will serve the purpose, as you get use to the digital camera features and usage the need for a high end digital camera will automatically be highlighted and then you can take maximum advantage of a high end digital camera.
On the other hand if you are quite familiar of the digital camera manual or automatic features and know ways to use them easily then a Digital SLR camera would be better for you.

2.2) : Select Point & Shoot or DSLR according to Need

What type of camera we require is the most important question we need to answer before buying a camera. If we are a regular traveler and wants to take some instant pictures and always wants to keep our camera with us then the point and shoot digital camera will suit us more as the SLR cameras are heavier and bigger in size. DSLR camera takes better quality pictures however we can not carry them all the time. Moreover the quality of Point and shoot cameras are also admirable. (However still lesser than the DSLR)
If we are of observant nature and want to take a closer look at the nature and roam only to take pictures and can not compromise on high quality then a Digital SLR will best suits us. Find here more on P&S & DSLR

3) Megapixels – Resolution is not That Important:

Do not attract by the advertisements that highlights the higher pixels. They are not always so important. The only Benefit higher resolution poses is printing the larger pictures which indeed is a need of very few people. If you are a simple photographer that does not take larger prints that 8″x10″ then a 5 or 6 Megapixels camera will serve the purpose so chose the camera according to the budget. Find Detail on our Megapixel’s Section.

4) Optical zoom is very important:

More optical zoom is always preferred however unfortunately many new digital cameras are with big number of megapixels however they does not offer optical zoom more than 3x. Chose a camera with higher optical zoom so that picture taken from the distance can still retain its original value. Do not confuse Optical zoom with digital zoom as Digital zoom is not as important. See more details in our Digital Vs. Optical Zoom post.

5) Prefer a camera with Image Stabilization:

Most of the new digital cameras are available with the feature of image stabilization however still there are cameras available without this feature IS. Image stabilizer helps a great deal to prevent blur in pictures especially when taken in lesser light, with more zoom or while our movement is not stable.
check the details on importance of image stabilization.

6) : Select Lithium-ion or AA Batteries according to need

If we prefer a camera that is small or with lesser weight then we should go for lithium-ion batteries as the camera with this option is far much smaller and lighter than the one that bear AA batteries.
If we are a traveler who use to roam about a-lot then we need to prefer a camera with AA operated batteries as they do not run out of power soon and if so then we can easily replace them with another set of AA rechargeable. AA batteries+AA charger is also more economical. Find more details here

7) : Do some little research before purchasing

According to the budget and above mentioned criteria select few cameras that serve the purpose. Then compare these digital camera by reading review and online comparisons, or we can also compare these camera by visiting some store and using them on hand as it also makes a lot of difference.
After Finally deciding the camera we need to take, we should check the cheapest deal available on net however we need to also purchase our camera from reliable store, we need to check store rating before purchasing a camera as well.