Are Flappy Bird cell phones selling for thousands of dollars?

If you have “Flappy Bird” installed on your cell phone and you ca planning to sell it off then don’t fool your self by asking thousands of dollars just because you have a game installed on your phone that is no longer available in market.

People are listing phones on Craigslist and Ebay for thousands of dollars because they have game “Flappy Bird” installed on it. They assume that their phone is high value and will be sold for lot more money. I assume Ebay has removed all listing with the name Flappy or Bird in it because I have seen many phones just vanished. After their listings were removed they have used similar words in the title so their phones stood up and now they are just showing it in a picture of Flappy bird and their listing starts from few thousands.

I have checked completed listing of Ebay and not a single phone was sold over the price of regular phone. Some phone might got sold for some more dollars but not the $90,000 or crazy prices people are asking over the internet. It is just foolish to think how they are manipulating others.

It is so difficult now a days to find a good used Samsung Galaxy S4 on a reasonable price because most phones have Flappy bird installed on it and those rip offs start a bid with a higher price and they do not want to let go their phone for lesser prices.

Please find an image below showing the craigslist entry of asking price for the phones with Flappy Bird and an Ebay completed listing that a phone is not even sold for a $500. Still, why people are making fool of themselves?

Flappy Bird Phones selling for high prices

Flappy Bird Phones selling for high prices