Auto mode VS manual shooting Mode

Auto Shooting mode is mostly useful for those people who want to remain in-touch with digital photography however they are or do not want to get familiar with different sort of camera features.

Recommendation: Auto Mode is useful especially for new users however we need to get familiar with all digital camera features with time pass because without knowing different camera features we can take good pictures but not excellent pictures. Always work towards perfection.

We can have knowledge of Manual Shooting if we know the importance of auto focus, auto Flash, auto iris, White Balance and shutter speed as in Auto Shooting mode these features are automatically set when we take the picture.

Auto Flash while using with Auto shooting mode will not work if the light will be coming from back as the camera shutter will detect the light however there will no light on objects face leaving a black faced image and it will not be improved until we switch on the camera flash. Camera Flash can not set to be on in Auto Shooting mode as it will remain auto so we can here select any other shooting mode like portrait shooting mode and select the Flash option “On” and then take the picture and it will definitely be bright and subject will be bright along with the background.

Manual Focus is very easy to handle and we can focus the object of interest as we want instead of using Auto Focus.

Manual shutter speed will be set in a way that more the light will be then lesser the light will be, lesser the light will be and more the shutter speed will be so that the shutter permits more light to enter to make the picture bright however we need to stand still as if our hand will shake during the shutter open the picture will end up in blur.