Difference and Comparison between canon powershot SD1400 IS VS SD970 IS


Canon SD970 is almost $80 expensive than the Canon SD1400 camera. Both cameras have similar features and both camera make movie clips at resolution of 1280 x 720. I would recommend buying Canon SD1400 as its cheaper, the thinnest camera to-date and offers many positive features mentioned below. Canon SD970 also offers some better features but for the price SD1400 is a better catch and a better  camera.

Better features in Canon SD1400IS:

  1. 14.1MP vs 12.1 in SD907 IS digital camera
  2. Sensor size of both cameras are same but the pixel density is better in SD1400IS 50 MP/cm² in comparison with 43MP/cm²
  3. Better aperture range of F2.8 – F5.9 which gives you more freedom to take excellent portrait pictures to good outdoor captures (SD970IS aperture range is F3.2 – F5.7)
  4. Better flash range of 4m vs 3.5m in Canon SD970
  5. SD1400 is light weight and and small 133g vs 160g, the thinnest powershot camera model to-date.

Better features in Canon SD970IS:

  1. 5x optical zoom in comparison with 4x in SD1400 IS
  2. better shooting speed 1fps (frame per second) as compare to 0.7fps in Canon Sd1400IS
  3. 3″ LCD vs 2.7″ in SD1400

Canon Powershot SD1400IS

canon powershot sd1400IS

Canon Powershot SD970IS