Difference & Comparison between Canon Powershot SD1300 Vs A3100 IS


SD1300 IS is a better camera overall and here is why

  • Canon SD1300 has a wider angle lens that will help you take better nature photos and cover large group shots from less distance.
  • Its flash range is 4m as compare to 3m of A3100 IS that will work better in low light situations.
  • Its shooting speed is faster 0.9fps as compare to 0.8fps of Canon A3100 IS.
  • Canon SD1300 is much lighter (140g) and slimmer than Canon A3100 IS (165g)

You can chose to buy A3100 as well as its a great camera for the price however as now a days Canon SD1300IS is available on deal for only $109 I can not recommend buying A3100 to save $10 only. If you are planning to buy a camera its a good time to buy SD1300IS as amazon’s offer for $109 is for limited time. Yesterday its price was $114 and two days ago it was $127

Canon Powershot SD1300 IS