Differences and comparison between Canon 7D VS Nikon D7100


Its a difficult choice keeping in mind the features both cameras has to offer. Canon 7D is little expensive than Nikon D7100 (Almost $200 difference) and both cameras are not the full frame cameras. If I have to chose one, I might go with Nikon D7100 mainly because its newly introduced in market and technology always improves. Even at $200 less Nikon offers better megapixels which surely counts. Nikon D7100 is recently offers latest camera features like wi-fi and GPS. You can connect to internet instantly upload your pictures and record the GPS location along with the picture. Another important feature it offers is HDR which makes you take beautiful nature shots (3 shots at once) with a touch of a button. Along with all these features Nikon sensor is little bigger than Canon 7D, it has 1.5x cropped sensor compare to 1.6x cropped sensor of Canon 7D. Nikon also offers better battery performance and an extra slot to put one more memory cards just in case you need extra space.

The only reason why I would go for Canon 7D is that it offers pop-up built in flash. Some people don’t use this feature at all because they strictly use their cameras for official use however I when I travel I use pop-up flash to take pictures of people when the sun is behind them or when there is low light outdoors and I don’t have my external flash with me. Pop-up flash helps to take picture without grains (Due to high ISO) and blur (slow shutter). I also find 18MP sufficient because it already eats up too much space in my computer and if I carefully frame my picture in advance I don’t need cropping later on so I can survive with 18MP.

Similarities between Canon 7D & Nikon D7100

  • Same sensor type CMOS
  • Almost similar LCD screen size 7D (2.9″) and Nikon D7100 at (3″)
  • Both cameras are cropped sensor
  • Both camera bodies doesn’t have image stabilization / vibration reduction feature.
  • Both cameras have fixed LCD screens
  • Similar type of lenses available range available for both cameras

Differences between Canon 7D & Nikon D7100

Features Canon EOS 7D Nikon D7100
Megapixels 18 24
Highest ISO with boost 12800 25600
Focus points 19 51
Focal length multiplier
(Sensor crop factor)
1.6x 1.5x
LCD fixed Fully articulated
Viewfinder coverage 100% 94%
Built in Flash Yes No
SD / memory card slots 1 2
Shooting speed 8 fps 6 fps
Weight 860g 675g

Canon 7D

Nikon D7100

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