Hotel Continental Terme An Amazing Calm Stay in Ischia – Italy

We happen to visit Italy to see the places where everyone dreams to go like Venice & Rome. Along with Venice we happen to visit another island called Ischia. This island is not visited by many people like Venice & Rome however still it was the most comfortable & nice place to live in whole Italy.

We had our reservation in Hotel continental Terme. It was the four star hotel. We reached there on time when the receptionist welcomed us and after checking the reservation he gave us the key of room. We have taken the jungle room which was surrounded by greenery. It was nice room with almost all facilities like, cupboard, small fridge, dresser, night stands, locker, hangers, washroom accessories, towels etc however there were two single separate beds that we had to join later on to sleep. We had booking for 2 people however we had no idea that the beds would be separate. We were so tired that we slept early.

Next day we visited the whole hotel, it was really a nice and cool place. There were 2 swimming pool located at the both sides or our room. In hot summers it was nice place to relax. There was a bar and a restaurant inside the building as well. We have found internet service in the lobby only. That was the negative point of the hotel. We had to purchase balance to use internet. We purchased 3 Euros credit that was for 30 minutes and sent some important emails.

At the other side of the hotel there was concierge lounge, boutique and an art gallery. There were other facilities like tennis & ping-pong available but we did not find some time to visit them. We had breakfast included in the room rent that was 110 Euros that time.

We entered at the place where breakfast was served. Really nice breakfast with lots of fruits and cereals however the behavior of Italian people was little rough as they were not maintaining any queue while having breakfast. We had a great breakfast with tea & orange juice.

The Hotel continental Terme is over all a nice place to stay at while visiting Ischia, Italy however its bit expensive like all other 4 star hotels in Italy. If you want to save some money then try the jungle room. Everything available at the room was great except the beds.