Importance & Usage of Shutter Speed

What is Shutter Speed:
Shutter speed is the time the shutter take to open and close to take an image

What does Shutter Speed do?
Shutterspeed determines the amount of light that will enter inside the sensor while taking picture.

Which Shutter Speed is better:
More shutter speed is always preferred because in sunny or daylight camera shutter does not need let huge amount of light to be entered in camera because the long the camera shutter will remain open the more the chances will be to make the picture blur because if there is any motion within that time the picture will be blur. Image Stabilization can control however upto an extent.

How shutter speed is measured:
Shutterspeeds is measured & presented in a form of fractions of seconds e.g. 1/1000s, 1/2000s or 1/3000s etc. Here the fastest shutter speed is 1/3000s

How Shutter speed is determined:
Shutterspeed depends upon the situation of light present. If we are taking picture with help of shooting modes then camera will automatically set the shutterspeed e.g. in night shutter speed will be lesser to let more light enter in camera to make the picture bright. However if using manual shutter speed control wee need to be very careful as if the shutter speed is more in dark then picture will be dark and if shutter speed is lesser in daylight there will be more chances for the picture to be blur.

Tip for Helping preventing your picture from Blur