Ischia – Island of Italy.

Submitted by The_Pious From Blacksburg Virginia

Ischia is the Island of Italy. Very few people have experience Visiting that place however if someone is visiting Italy and have ample time then this place should also be added in the list.

Ishia Island is near Naples and If we are taking a Boat (Medmar) from Naples port then it will take 1:10 hour to reach to Ishia port and if we are taking the Hydrofoil (Fast Boat) then we can reach there within 40 minutes.

I was traveling with my Wife. We have Reached Naples airport and took a Taxi from there to Naples Port. I convinced the Taxi Driver that I will pay according to the taxi meter which he agreed. When he started the journey towards Naples port his speed started to increase and increase. The Speed limit was 90Km there and he was driving at the speed of 130Km. We were so afraid as he was taking some dangerous turns however he had perfect road grip. After sometime we started enjoying the ride. Within 10 minutes we were at Naples Port. He told us from where I can purchase a ticket of hydrofoil.

I thanked him and asked about the taxi fare which he told 30Euros where as his Taxi meter was displaying 17 Euros. I really got amazed and asked him what is the reason as I am not paying him extra for which he said that he has to pay some airport tax as well. But 30 Euros were too much. I started bargaining and finally he agreed on 25 Euros. I paid him the money and rushed towards the ticket booth because the hydrofoil in front of me was loading with people and after 5 minutes it was suppose to take off. The Next hydrofoil was scheduled after 30 minutes. I bought a Ticket for 17 Euros each from Naples to Ischia and Gave it to boat men who were checking the ticket.

The Hydrofoil was like a Water bus and a big boat and have 2 stories. There were lots of people inside and its seats were like an airplane seats grouped in 4 to 5 and there were 3 lines of group of seats. We found a seat near an old lady.

The journey started and soon the boat was inside the sea surrounded by the water however it was really hard to see outside as the window was too dirty and it was bit hight above my eye level. Soon I felt sleepy and slept there for 30 minutes. I woke-up when Ischia was near. After sometime a boatman started to reduce boat speed as port was near. All people started to stand as if they are waiting for the siren to start the race. As soon the boat stopped all people rushed towards the door without giving anyone any place or without any queue.

seaside Ischia

sea side ischia

At Ishia port there were lots of other boats and people were roaming here and there with, the cool sea breeze was blowing and weather was pretty fine in the month of May. There were Taxi’s available nearby and we took one of them and asked them to go to my Hotel where we already had a reservation. The Driver was unable to understand a single word in English. I again bargained over the taxi fare as I had idea that Hotel was almost on walking distance but I did not intend to walk due to tiredness.

Taxi speed was as usual too fast and all other traffic was also too aggressive. We observed the city from the taxi, small road but more traffic. It was bit congested. He took 12 Euros and left me on hotel door. That day we only took rest and planned to go somewhere tomorrow.

Next day We woke up bit early, took my breakfast and prepared for my journey to Ischia castle. We have heard that it is situated on 30 minutes walk. We took digital camera, water, umbrella in a small bag, wore comfortable shoes and cloths and left for the journey.

The Best way to enjoy a place is to have a walk instead of taking a Bus or taxi. During our walk towards the Castle I asked few people on my way the road that leads to the castle. Unfortunately no one there understands English however I gave them hint and they have correctly guided me the way to Ischia castle. Roads were clean and there were lots of scooters everywhere seems like most of the people use the scooter as transportation and this is understandable as well because the roads were small and traffic was too much.

clear water Ischia

We have continued walking until the road ended & a small street started where people were only on foot. Lots of ice-cream shops I observed and planned to have one on my way Back. We have reached Ischia castle from a very beautiful little bridge that was between the street & the Ischia Castle. There was a caption on the entrance that the castle was private property that amazed me little. The Ticket for the castle was of 10 Euros.

Ischia Castle facing

ischia castle side

We entered in the castle and there was an elevator that was leading towards the upper story of the castle. Castle was beautiful and a worth seeing place. There were very few number of visitors there so the place was bit preserved and was neat & clean. If you are visiting that place please keep the map with you that the ticket counter lady provides as the castle has very confusing paths. I spent 2 hours there. Took many pictures and enjoyed the sea sight, there were places in the castle where you can see the farthest view, wide horizons & the whole Ischia.

Castle view

castle view from roof

Wide Horizon

After watching the Castle too closely we came back and on my way back we had ice-cream that was really very tasty. Went to an Italian restaurant at night where I asked for a Pizza. I have tried to ask for adding some of my favorite vegetables but they were not aware of English, I went to the counter where the pizza was getting baked as in Italy mostly they bake pizza in front of you. The person was having all possible pizza toppings however they were not aware of onion & bell pepper, neither did they had it. The only vegetable they understood was mushrooms. When the pizza arrived it was so different as there was less topping and it was very thin. Its taste was Good but not very good. We came back Hotel at night and Slept bit early because next day we had to leave that place.

Ischia Castle Roof

On our way back to Naples, we took the big boat, Medmar that was huge 5 to 6 stories ship. It cost less than a hydrofoil, 10 Euros & it took 1 hour 10 minutes to take us to Naples harbor but I will recommend do not miss it because you are on the open side of the ship where you can feel the cool breeze & observe the sea so closely. We enjoyed it so much that we can not express our feelings.

Medmar the big ship

Sea side View

Over all We liked Ischia a-lot because of its weather & sea side sceneries that were really pure. You can have a detailed look in the video below.