Living Expenses and cost in Virginia tech university Blacksburg Virginia

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is also known as VT or Virginia Tech. These Living expenses will give you an over all idea of how the living cost occurs here as of year 2009.

Details and list of all the expenses are mentioned below.

Rent Expense / Cost:

Always chose apartment by comparing the utlitis added in the rent, the cost of utilities are also mentioned below so you can compare which apartment will be cheaper to live.

One / Single Bedroom: The single bedroom apartments are not easy to found and if found there rents are almost equal to two bed rooms apartment. If single bed room apartment is rented in an apartment complex it will cost you approximately from $500-$700 however in individual small buildings and places you might be able to get a single bed room apartment for $300 – $500.

Two / Double Bedroom: double bedroom apartments are very easy to found and average cost of a double bedroom apartment is $600. If you are taking double bedroom apartment in an apartment complex or building then it may cost you from $500-750 however if you are accepting any place that is not in a big complex then you can find such apartment in $500 – $600 easily. If you are wise enough and have researched all places then there are chances you may get a double bedroom apartment in less than $450.

Three / Triple Bedroom: The triple bedroom apartment is not much expensive than the two bedroom apartment but if two bedrooms are sufficient for you then it will cost you much. Mostly students who share rent prefer to rent three bedroom apartments due to this reduced cost each person will incur. The 3 bedroom apartment rent varies from $600 – $900 depending upon the facilities.

Four / 4 Bedroom apartment: very few apartments available as people like to live in a townhouse of 3-4 bedrooms instead of an apartment that will cost you between $950-$1200 on monthly basis.

Townhouses and Townhomes: People who would like to live with families and for those who want to share rooms in a townhouse like to live in them. The monthly rent in any case will be higher than the apartment and townhouse can comprise of 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms and up-to 2-3 baths.
Depending upon the size of an apartment monthly rent will vary from $800 – $2000 per month.

Cost of Utilities:

Heating: depends upon the size of an apartment and place where you live the heating cost increases or decreases. The month when heating will be used for the whole months are from Nov – Mar, for a normal two bedroom apartment if using for the whole month and heating is on electricity then the total bill of electricity may varies from $100 – $200. However if heating is not on Electricity than $50 cost will occur. Mostly apartments offer heating included in the monthly rent but if it is not and if its on electricity then for the five months you will surely need to give $100 or more for the bill. On normal days the electricity bill may vary from $40 – $70 for a two bedroom apartment.

Water Sewerage Trash: The Bill for Water, Sewerage and Trash will be combined always. If these facilities are included in your monthly rent then you are saving $50 – $80 on your two bed room apartment. The more the water will be consumed the more the water + sewerage bill be however the cost of trash is fixed for $20 on monthly basis.

Electricity: Electricity if used 100% without heating for a two bed room apartment may cost you $50 -$70 on monthy basis however if heating is included then average cost of heating may vary from $70 – $150 depending upon the usage of air-conditioning and heating.

Transportation Cost: If you are a student then moving within the city and to the nearest city Christiansburg is free for you. All you need to do it to show you VT ID (Hookie ID) and you are set to go free unlimited anywhere anytime according to the schedule of BT (Blacksburg Transit) if you are not a student than $0.50 for each time you will use the service. Taxi’s are very rare and can be used on special request and other Bus services like GreyHound and smartwaybus services connect you easily with different cities and their cost can be confirmed on their websites.

Fuel / Vehicle expense /Cost: The Average price of the Vehicle here may start from $1500 depending upon the make, year and model of the car but it you are able to manage $2500 – $3500 dollars then you may able to purchase a decent card in this price that can carry you anywhere you want.
The fuel costs are relatively less if compared to other cities and states. The prices can be confirmed online but may vary from $1.5 – $2.5 per gallon now a days.

eating / food and restaurants:
If you are preparing food at home by purchasing things from any local store then the average cost of food per person may vary from $200 – 300 depending upon which things you like to eat most, but in the price mentioned above you may eat levish food all the time at your place however no dining out / restaurant costs are included in it.
If you want to visit restaurants and hotels for eating then the cheapest possible restaurant is Subway that you can excess. The other restaurants may cost you more like $20 – $30 per person if full meal is ordered. The fast food restaurants are always cheaper.