Purchasing Cheap Tickets Between within Europe

I was planning to go to Italy and from Italy I was planning to go to UK to meet my sister. I have started searching for cheapest & reliable tickets from USA – ITALY then ITALY – UK & on return UK – USA but the results always turned out to be expensive. The reason is that during all its way Travel agent or Expedia was searching and preferring the same airline due to which its cost was too much round $2000USD per person.

I Had an Idea. I have searched the Tickets from USA to Italy and then UK – USA & it turned out to be cheap and I have selected a working day to make it cheaper. Round $800 USD

Now question was how I will fly from Italy to UK. I have checked many airlines and the cheapest possible ticket I was getting was of British airways and its cost was $174.00 It was not expensive however I kept on searching to get something more.

I found out Ryanair.com a website that flies between all Europe and UK as well. I have checked the fares and was really surprised when it tells me that after adding taxes and all the stuff my ticket will only cost me $40 as it was of round 28Euro.

I have read airline reviews that were not too good however still I took the risk and booked my flight on this airline. I have personally asked two of my friends that lived in Europe and they gave positive response for the airline. May be people are Expecting VIP treatment just for $40.00 and get disappointed well over all experience of the flight was good and I have enjoyed my journey. It did not take more than 1 and half hour and took me to the destination.

While planning my trip with a little research I have saved almost $1200.00 USD and that is a huge amount when it turns to traveling because I can use this money to make my journey or tour more pleasant.

Just sharing this experience so that someone might also get benefited with this article