Samsung HMX-Q10 HD Camcorder Pros Cons Review


Overall, this camcorder offers much for the price you pay. Very compact, full HD and offers SD card storage. Camera is very good for well lit locations in weddings and while traveling. Advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

Pros / Advantages of Camcorder:

  1. Ease of use, the functions are easy to browse and user friendly.
  2. Good picture quality.
  3. Image stabilization for better low light performance.
  4. Large clear LCD of 2.7″.
  5. Takes SD cards, easy availability.

Cons / Disadvantages of Camcorder:

  1. This camera does not have excellent focusing while making indoor movies or in low light. Means making movies while you are inside the home and person is far from the camera then the camera might not focus him, rather focusing anything near.
  2. It will take decent still images but not very good specially in low light so its better option for movies than still images.
  3. Zoom is very limited, so capturing farther objects is impossible.
  4. It does not have external mic input for better sound recording.