Samsung HMX-Q10 VS Sony DCR-SX45 Camcorder

Both camcorders are of the same class, both make movies at standard Resolution (Not high definition) Sony offers little better zoom, other things are almost same. There are mixed reviews about the battery life of both camcorders and it lasts for 1 hour while making movie however you can plug it in and use it for as long as you want. I would recommend Sony for few reasons mentioned below

  1. For around same price, Sony is better brand, more reliable, more resale value and the best lens making company. Even canon and Nikon uses Sony lenses in their SLR cameras.
  2. Sony offers much better zoom means better coverage specially for portrait closeups.
  3. Both offers image stabilization but Sony offers better quality in low light.
  4. Both has no flash but Sony has small light to focus better in low light situations
  5. You can use two types of memory cards in Sony camcorder including SD card.
  6. The only thing Sony lacks is Full HD, it offers low resolution pictures.

You will have to use an SD card with this camcorder as well, both uses the same memory card, I am mentioning the link of best suitable memory card which is fast (class 10) for movie making and have enough space to save movies.

Samsung HMX-Q10

Sony DCR-SX45